Richard "Rat Terrier" Delaurier
Richard "Rat Terrier" Delaurier No other dog chases the puck like our Terrier Delaurier. In fact we know he chases the puck for other dog packs! Windbag! Likes to play all the time and great addition to any team he plays with. Does take a beating and uses allot of duct tape to fix his paws.
Daniel "Chihuahua" Gagnon
Daniel "Chihuahua" Gagnon The leader of the pack with small quick strides but has a big bark and yaps all the time! Character player that gets things done and focused on the play. Odd hockey strides gives him chances to score. Pads his points with empty netters. The smallest dog with the biggest BARK!
Gary "Greyhound" Green
Gary "Greyhound" Green The triple G has speed but like the Greyhound chasing the rabbit around the track he does not finish that well. Always making things happen on the ice. A female fan favourite gets asked for the most autographs. Must be the triple G effect.
Craig "Basset Hound" Horon
Craig "Basset Hound" Horon Our defensive dog with a missing K9. A true hockey hound with his skills at moving the puck. The pack knows that this dog can play with the best of them and is a faithful defender just like the Basset Hound.
Mike "Bull Terrier" Aussant
Mike "Bull Terrier" Aussant The competitor that plays to win even though he has a sore paw. Seems to have the knack to make things happen and yaps once in awhile but not too loud. Great addition to the pack and has an edge so say and spell his last name correct! Don't forget the "u"
Brett "Setter" Slutker
Brett "Setter" Slutker A great playmaking dog that can set up plays on the ice. He seems to be good on counting except his goals. This dog has the ability to put the puck on your stick just like a Setter.
Donnie "Whippet" Westgate
Donnie "Whippet" Westgate This tall lean scoring machine can play his position. Quicker then he looks to beat guys to the puck. This dog likes the shows and prides himself on finding the lowest drinks in town! Great addition to the Two Dogs and a road trip pack player.
Pat "German Shepherd" Klassen
Pat "German Shepherd" Klassen A great search dog that sees everything when on the ice. He can attack, defend and put the biscuit in the net. A great addition to the pack but he should stick with the Two Dogs more as he likes to play on the other side of the bridge (location - not what you think). Strong dog to have in all situations.
Peter "Bullmastiff" Tischler
Peter "Bullmastiff" Tischler The fearless mild mannered Peter is soft spoken but can protect his house with a rugged style of play along the boards. Weight does help in his cause in winning most battles. Although the Bullmastiff is a drooler we have yet to see Tisch in this state - yet.
Kelvin "Golden Retriever" Parks
Kelvin "Golden Retriever" Parks Always hunting for something! A stay in the bushes player that can quickly come out of nowhere to score - sometimes. Has hands of wood but crafty and likes to top shelf the puck. A crowd favourite with his mild manner and dedication to after game POPS! Oh yea he can play the guitar (in his mind)
Chad "Bloodhound" Baker
Chad "Bloodhound" Baker The doghouse protector to stop the puck. He has a nose for the biscuit and can get them when he is not laying around. Known for his flashes of brilliance to losing his scent sometimes he is a well mannered dog. Does like to wear lots of fancy things which makes us suspicious of his activities outside the pack.
Eric "Doberman Pinscher" Bachalo
Eric "Doberman Pinscher" Bachalo Never early Bachalo is a great utility dog that can play defence and forward. Has some hockey sense from playing in the flat lands but lost it somewhere over the rocky mountains. Like the Doberman, Eric is very focused and has small ears. Must be his German decent.
Ryan "Blue Heeler" Wright
Ryan "Blue Heeler" Wright Hard working dog with a competitive edge. Great defensive player with a flair for the offence as he joins the forward pack on rushes. This dog likes to herd the pack and participates in allot of shoot-outs. He is the "wright" dog to have on your team!
Steve "Rottweiler" Nader
Steve "Rottweiler" Nader A loud barker with lots of bite. Nader is a strong driven individual that thrives on competitive sports and plays hockey one way - his way like a loyal German. The Rottweiler of the Two Dogs he guards well and does have hands to put a few biscuits in the net.
Glenn "Pitbull" Belyk
Glenn "Pitbull" Belyk As tough as they can get on the ice, tenachous and with a don''t back down style of play makes Glenn a player that nobody wants to play against. Just look at HIM!
Kevin "Great Dane" Taylor
Kevin "Great Dane" Taylor The biggest dog on the team with a long reach and protector of his home, plays defence but sometimes we find him lost in the offensive zone. Like the Great Dane Kevin is a gentle giant but wears a weird thing off his nose. Don''t mess with the Dane though :)

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