Play at Capital News Centre Kelowna, British Columbia
Head Dog - Daniel Gagnon       250-317-1664


Two Dogs is the premier hockey club of semi-professional (in their minds) hockey players from Kelowna, British Columbia.   The name evolved after a soda pop meeting of the minds in which someone told a joke about native americans calling thier children from what happens around them naturally.   It was better then the other things happening naturally around us that night and TWO DOGS was born again. 


What Our Competitors Say......


"A team we hate playing against because their logo is so distracting!"


"What a pack of animals to play against.....they are ruthless, shameless but good"


".......these guys are on the puck like a dog on a bone.....relentless DIGGERS...."


What Our Female Fan Supporters say......


"They are the best looking guys around"


"Wow these guys have all the right moves on and off the ice....I really like their style"


"Some of them smell but I enjoy the smell of hard working teams like the Two Dogs"


Two Dogs Fan Club


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